Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Rather late and a full day tomorrow...

...so this is a holding post, but everything is brewing up at the moment. Tomorrow I am at the BBC recording the last links for the BBC Radio Three programme on Liszt and Gypsy Music, then in the evening at the Poetry Library, reading with Lidija Dimkovska. It's her evening really and I am glad to be helping by reading a bit and talking about the background.

At the weekend it's Escalator. On Monday it is Bill Herbert and Padrika Tarrant at Cafe Writers.

Then it winds up to the Wymondham Words Festival, with the Poetry Society AGM on Wednesday evening.

I also have some work by Sam Riviere that I would like to feature. Look out for that. Tomorrow may be a bit tight as I am back very late, but I will do so on Thursday.


P Lane Anon said...

Not being sure what to bring to a discussion about the person of the translator, I offer a sound recording of a wrestling match in Newcastle in 1947.

George S said...

Sounds like a body slam about 30 seconds in. (I feel I should be a wrestling connoisseur, remarking, 'Ah yes, a North East bout, shall we say Darlington? No, Newcastle! Post war possibly, but not long after the war. Shall we say 1947? That faint slurping you hear in the background - can you hear it? - is Newcastle Brown of course. A cheeky little sound-clip, not a classic.')