Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Granddaughter Marlie at nineteen months


She walks, she runs, she speaks Greek, Latin, and Mandarin. She has a particular fondness for the Moon. She drives a Porsche when her parents' 1995 Honda Civic is unavailable. Will she pose for photographs? She won't get out of bed for under £10,000 or at least a breakfast. She is happy that James Joyce is now out of copyright. Her take on Finnegan's Wake is entirely original. Currently awaiting baby brother.

ps The shoe on the table? Either she is recalling Kruschev's speech to the United Nations or she is bartering her designer footwear for some bacon & eggs. In either case it's an assertive gesture.


NicoleS said...

On top of her other accomplishments, I think she may be a mind-reader. Thank you for the picture, it's lovely.

Angela France said...

She is a beauty, George - and at a wonderful age.

Angela France said...

I meant to say - your post on FB yesterday about Marlie naming the moon put me in mind of Nigel McLoughlin's poem 'Night Fire'. It's in 'Dissonances' and 'Chora', if you have either book.
"Euan raises/ one finger, points into the void/ shouts out into the vowel of the sky..."

George S said...

I have had a number point to Little Frieda, Angela.

havantaclu said...

Such a lovely little girl - may the stars watch over her throughout her life to come

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

shining through your words

one thing