Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Hungary, the EU and the international press: progress report 1

At last there are people looking quizzically at developments in Hungary. I have posted on it a number of times. On 19 December on the clash with the IMF; on 23 December about the beginning of the protest movement; on 1 January about a quotation from Endre Ady passed around Hungary; on 3 January about the continuing protests, including the video below which very simply and clearly lays out the ways in which democracy is being threatened, and which I insert again as background...

...on 4 January with the newly translated text of an Ottó Orbán poem recited at the protests; on 7 January I quoted a Guardian piece; on 8 January from an Independent article; and on 14 January I gathered a couple more articles, about the changes at the New Theatre, and about the image of the prime minister Viktor Orbán.

Since then, to my delight, the articles have been flowing in and good friends have been keeping me supplied with them. Let me catalogue the main ones this last month before saying something about the situation in the next post.

The Guardian: 25 December, 17 January
The Economist: 11th, 17th
The Irish Times: 11th
RTE: 11th
The New York Times: 11th, 17th
Presseurop 18th and again 18th
Politics HU 15th
Der Spiegel 18th and again 18th

Considering my post on Scottish Nationalism below, it is no great surprise that one big dissenting voice should come from Bill Jamieson in The Scotsman, 15 January, which shows some Scots appreciate a bit of authoritarian right-wingery providing it is national and romantic.

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