Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday night is....But Beautiful

A day of reading, marking, cross-marking, and writing: a possibly final draft of a poem for a radio programme and words for a Morning Canticle for the new Festival music project, one that works through the day and moves through the streets.

So this is a breath on the spirit, the wonderful Bill Evans (in 1979) and one of the loveliest standards, But Beautiful. Tis brief, my lord.


Dick Jones said...

But beautiful, indeed and filmed just a year before he died. A terrific legacy of recordings, but much missed.

Ashwednesday said...

So you weren't at The T S Eliot Prize readings then? 1700 were. Proof that poetry appreciation is in rude health, wouldn't you say?Although sad that rather controversial sponsorship led to the withdrawal of fine contenders. Needs must where the Government blunderingly cuts. Looking forward to news of the winner.

George S said...

Pressure of work. I'd have had to stay down all Monday and it was impossible. Good for the 1700. Absolutely delighted for them. There was nothing particularly controversial about this year's sponsorship. There was a long argument about that on my FB page at the time of the withdrawals. I think it's the timing - the bank crashes, the recession, the directors' bonuses. Nobody complained about the Man Booker.

And now we know the winner! John Burnside.