Monday, 19 January 2009

The Apocalypse at a Cinema Near You

In The Night of the Living Dead there is no Shaun.
In the last Millennium the lights have gone.

In the War to End all Wars the Dogs of War have buried the last bone.
In Last Man Standing the last man is last and lives alone.

In the movie version of The Apocalypse the ghouls
Creep out of institutions, corporations, schools.

In the book of the film of the Book of Revelations
The state Reveals All and there is Peace Among the Nations.

In the Armageddon game available for your Pod
Is lodged a fatal doomsday bug called God.


I cannot help you, says the helpful booklet of facts,
The Gospels you know, but thereof follow The Acts.

I cannot serve you, says the server. Quit the site.
Your gig’s defunct, not worth the gigabyte.

I cannot help you go with the same flow,
The bank says to the stream. The answer’s No.


Far off in the distance hangs the dome
of St Paul’s and everywhere faces
cast adrift are going home
to all their secret places.

Offer us shelter, Lord, in the remains of Elmet
Or if that’s too much to ask, provide the odd tin helmet.


A ditty written for a painting by Sally Flint. Let it be a warning.

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