Friday, 2 January 2009

Jingle Jangle

Not from me personally. Title of track by Shur-i-Kan, aka son Tom, currently in darkest Brazil, DJing, but soon on his way back.

No animation, just the music. Here is his MySpace address. I know I should be too old for this, but somehow I am not.


Reading Martin Amis's The Second Plane. More about that later.

Fairly typical BBC presentation of current Gaza situation this morning. Ehud Olmert says: 'We will treat the population with silk gloves, but will apply an iron fist to Hamas.' The BBC leaves out the silk gloves and leaves the iron fist for the whole population. Not that silk gloves describes the situation anywhere in Gaza, but Olmert does imply an intention and a distinction. But then the BBC make no use of the UN figures regarding military and civilian deaths (about 4:1 in terms of military to civilian at the moment) Why not? No, don't tell me.

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Michelle said...

Love Jingle Jangle. Very funky.