Saturday, 17 January 2009

Review of New and Collected Poems in The Times

I think this review by Paul Batchelor has been in the pipeline a while. Here it is now. Batchelor himself is a very good poet indeed. I bought his book in Newcastle when I was reading there in November.


Poet in Residence said...

George, another review of your book in your "pipeline":
It may be lack Batchelor & Times broadsheet depth but it will be piped-up with a few Williamsisms. I'll be mentioning in passing your poem Goya's Chamber of Horrors for example.
How is Uncle Gabriel by the way, is he planning to celebrate Poe's 200th birthday on Monday? Perhaps the usual pint of claret?

Michelle said...

I love this:

"With their almost-refrains and near-repeated lines, Szirtes’s haunting sequences allow him to explore the shifts and faults in the cultural connections that he makes."

And this:

"History has taught Szirtes to be wary of fixity and absolutes, and he is most at home in moments of transformation, as when meticulous observation gives way to marvellous vision."


Poet in Residence said...

Fat Sam Turns Corner
Rovers 3 Magpies 0

Yes, George, the Ewood boys are on the up. If they get Janko's
unterschrift on a contract the sky's the limit.

George, It's been a long time coming.
Viva Uncle Gabriel, Viva Uncle Jack!*

(the late Jack Walker - Rovers' benefactor)

Poet in Residence said...

My review

of your book
is on my blog

but dare you


George S said...

Many thanks, Gwilym. That is a great compliment.

Poet in Residence said...

It's my pleasure. I have made one small edit but it's the same message!