Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hard to resist...


...via NoolaBeulah. Get me five loaves and two fish. No, on second thoughts, forget the loaves. Bring seven fish.


Michelle said...

Seven big fish.

Poet in Residence said...

One day a cat*, moved by compassion for the unfortunate teacher, approached him with these words: 'Poor stranger, you shout, you scream, don't you see that it is hopeless?'
'Yes, I see,' answered the Just Man.
'Then why do you go on?'
'I'll tell you why. In the beginning, I thought I could change man. Today, I know I cannot. If I still shout today, if I still scream, it is to prevent man from ultimately changing me.'

Elie Wiesel (Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize). The above, which fits to George's photograph, is exactly my standpoint.

*for 'cat' read 'child'.

I hope the facts that I write 'bad prose poetry' and have chosen 'Austria' as my place of residence are from now on irrelevant.

George S said...

Completely irrelevant, Gwilym. Nor do I think you write bad prose poetry or that Austria is an unfit place for humans to be living in.

And Michelle - big is very nice. It is a very big cat. :)

Poet in Residence said...

George, thank you for being you.

By the way, I'm currently reading the Metro section of New & Collected. I think it's brill. No, I know it is.