Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Poem on Front

Darling Song. A birthday poem.

London once more. More reading on trains. Here is a nice Howard Hodgkin to look at.

May life be bright. Back later.


Michelle said...

Lovely Darling Song.

Anonymous said...

A lovely front page poem, George. I found myself almost singing it. Beautiful words and sentiments.

Not sure about the Howard Hodgkin. Love the colours though. I like colours.

Gwil W said...

I saw a picture of a painting done in a newspaper a couple of weeks ago that had been painted with human spermatoza. It was what you might call "nice". It had a soft luminous quality and had been painted with great delicacy. It seems you have to jerk off for one year and then you have enough quantity of your precious liquid for the artist to use to paint your portrait. Can't remember artist's name but he's in Germany.

George S said...

I've forgotten which conceptual artist's work consisted of creating a space under the gallery floor and jerking off, unseen and unheard by the public, who were, however, fully informed of it.

It's all in the concept.